Ballast Recycling

Wisconsin Ballast Inc. is the place for all of your PCB and Non-PCB ballast disposal/Recycling needs, from both fluorescent and HID light fixtures. We feature complete destruction of PCB to meet EPA guidelines, which means that none of your regulated waste goes into municipal landfills. All PCB waste is sent to an EPA-authorized site for disposal, with other ballast materials being recycled.

Wisconsin Ballast Inc. can provide drums, pick-up and transportation where needed, perform the decommissioning, and send the PCB to destruction. All the copper and steel will be recycled. We also can provide all necessary paperwork and drum labels at no extra charge. In addition, a certificate of destruction will be supplied to all of our customers upon decommissioning. Also, as a service to our ballast customers, we offer a light bulb recycling program.

For more information on our safe and cost-effective method of ballast disposal please contact us by email at or fill out our on line Estimate Request Information Sheet or call us at 800.345.HIDS (4437).